What’s the Bare Minimum You Can Do for Internet Marketing?

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These days, it’s hard to run any business – even a hot dog stand – without some form of Internet marketing. The web is the first place buyers go to find just about anything, whether it’s a new home or lunch down the street.

But business owners are busier than ever, too, and don’t always have time to follow up on every Internet marketing idea they read about. So what are the bare minimums for promoting your business online?

Here are a few must-haves to stay relevant in the digital age:

A professional website. Note that this doesn’t say you have to have a complicated website, or an expensive one. Just be sure yours is clear and well written and gives out the most important basic information about your business.

Some basic search engine optimization. Getting a top spot on Google for competitive keywords can be difficult. With some basic SEO, however, you can make it easy for people who are trying to find your business (or businesses like yours) without searching too hard.

A Google+ profile. A basic listing with your location, contact details, and hours of operation is a good start. Not only will this make you “official” with the world’s largest search engine, but it can serve as a hub for buyer reviews and make it easier for people to refer their friends and colleagues.

An email newsletter. Even if you send messages infrequently, it’s nice to have a way to stay in touch with customers to let them know about specials, events, and new products or services.

Major social accounts. If your business does a lot of things well, people are going to want to talk about it. If you have profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter, it will be easier for them to share their feedback with you and each other.

Even put together, none of these has to cost you much money or take up a lot of your time. What they’ll do, though, is make it easier for buyers to learn more about your company. And, they’re enough to get your Internet marketing plan moving in the right direction. Once they’re in place, you might find you are eager to do a little more than the bare minimum… and start seeing bigger profits as a result!

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