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Does Everything Have to Go in a Website Redesign?

For a lot of our clients, getting a new website means changing everything, from layouts to content, photos, and more. A website can be a big project, so it’s not much of a surprise that business owners often decide to make other changes at the same time.

But, beyond making the project more costly and time-consuming, replacing all the different elements on a website can be wasteful, too. After all, you could have things that work for your business that deserve to be kept.

So, before you decide to throw away everything and start fresh, consider whether any of these pieces of your existing website are working now:

Strong logos and visuals. If you have a great visual identity, stunning product photos, or color scheme that people like, consider integrating them into your new design.

Your navigation structure. If you still have the same basic business, you’ll probably have the same type of website going forward. By keeping your existing navigation structure (even if the pages themselves look different), you’ll make it easier for returning customers to find their way around.

Certain pieces of web content. Sometimes, it’s good to change your web content to keep things fresh and attract search engine visits. However, if you have pages or offers that bring you lots of conversions already, either hold on to them or keep their messaging intact with a simple edit.

Anything your customers might miss. If you have something quirky on your website that customers love (like jokes, for example, or offbeat photos), don’t change it just because you’re getting a new design. Sometimes it really is the little things that keep buyers coming back.

Often, an old website has to be taken down to make room for a stronger web presence. Make sure you don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, though, and get rid of things in your existing website that help your business stay profitable.

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