Quality Vs. Quantity in SEO

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One of the reasons business owners love search engine optimization is that it can open the door to an almost unimaginably vast flow of targeted web traffic. For even the smallest of companies, there are probably dozens of search terms and phrases that could be targeted, and tens of thousands of potential buyers to be won.

However, just because all of that business is out there doesn’t mean you’re going to get it… or that you should even spend your time looking for it.

For most small businesses, search engine optimization is far, far more profitable in niches than it is in huge channels. Not only is it incredibly difficult for a tiny company to outrank several large competitors for a high-traffic keyword, most wouldn’t be able to handle the huge influx of visits and orders that would result even if they could.

I’ll use my own company as an example. For years, I have targeted the (relatively) narrow keyword “Indianapolis web design” on my blog and web pages. As a result, I get more work than I can handle from lots of great people who need a high-quality web presence. And, I’m able to fend off competitors – many of whom have larger companies than mine.

In short, I know where I fit and what kinds of customers I want to attract. Were I to start targeting dozens of keywords, or something much larger (like the more general “web design”), I would be caught in a catch-22 situation. On the one hand, I’d likely lose the great flow of search traffic I currently enjoy; on the other, I might be forced to deal with lots of prospects who aren’t a great fit for my business.

The bottom line comes down to this: In search engine optimization it’s important to value quality as much as quantity. It might be tempting to try to bring everyone to your website, but attracting your very best customers is usually a much more efficient choice.

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