Pay Per Click Management

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How to Get More Value for Your Paid Click

Pay-per-click advertising, whether it’s on search engines or social media sites, is great for a lot of things. It can bring you targeted traffic instantly and let you test out new concepts long before Google has indexed your website.

However, all of that convenience comes with a downside: PPC can be expensive, and the growth in competition over the last few years is making the problem worse. More bidders means higher prices, so it’s important that you get as much value as you can from each and every click.

The easiest way to get more value from PPC visitors is to have them come back again (since repeat visitors are much more likely to eventually do business with you). Here are three easy ways to do exactly that:

  1. Focus more. No matter what you sell, your website has a perfect visitor. Figure out who that person is, and then target your ads and campaigns at them. The more at home they feel on your website, the more likely they are to come back later.
  1. Get your target’s number. You might not want to actually ask for their phone number, but getting an email address is a good start. Of course, you’re going to have to offer something of value (like a coupon code or downloadable report) to entice them to join your subscriber list.
  1. Try remarketing. Remarketing gives you the opportunity to have your ads displayed again in the future after someone has visited your website. Why leave their next visit to chance when you could increase the odds by letting them see new versions of your ads again?

Pay-per-click can be profitable, even with heavy competition… but you have to know how to bring visitors back to your website. Are you getting the value you should be from PPC ads?


  1. Bryan Durr says:

    I recently purchased this business, and the website is in need of a major overhaul.
    Can you give me an overview of your pricing? I just want a basic website where we can be found in searches. Thank you.