What Dating Websites Can Teach You About Email Newsletters

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We’ve reached an interesting point in the world of email newsletters. On the one hand, it’s cheaper than ever to send professional-looking messages through services like MailChimp in an instant; on the other hand, buyers have become so saturated with emails that they barely even look at newsletters anymore and hit “unsubscribe” the minute they become bored or disinterested.

So how do you keep your email newsletter profitable when buyers are having a harder time paying attention? That’s easy – take a cue from another highly competitive online activity.

That’s right: I want you to think of your email newsletter as a profile on an Internet dating site. While that might sound ridiculous, the parallels are hard to ignore. Whether you’re trying to win a date or just a few minutes of a subscriber’s attention, you need to hook their attention, get them to do a bit of reading, and then take some sort of follow-up action.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been out in the dating world, but I did look over a few popular profiles to see what they had in common. Here’s what I learned:

Strong visuals and headlines are important. We notice with our eyes long before our minds catch on, and headlines have a quick, subliminal effect. Make sure yours are built to grab attention.

A little bit of humor never hurts. People love to be entertained, even when they’re supposed to be working and making important decisions. If you have the opportunity to add a little bit of good, clean humor to your newsletter, take it.

It’s good to know what your customers want. When customers read your newsletter (just like a dating profile), they have something in mind. Show buyers you are their best dancing partner by appealing to the things they care about, not necessarily the features or specials you want to mention.

Your call to action should be simple and easy. It’s easier to get someone to agree to meet you for a cup of coffee than it is a four-course meal. Remember that, and give your customers the option of doing something simple (like clicking through to a landing page) rather than making them jump through a lot of hoops to do business with you.

A good email newsletter keeps customers passionate about your products and services. You’re looking for a lifelong business relationship, so get out there and flirt with your subscribers through irresistible headlines and offers.

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