Why Customers Leave Bad Reviews (and What You Can Do About It)

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Few things can be as disheartening as getting a bad review from one of your customers. Not only are you unlikely to get that person’s business anymore, but the public nature of a bad review means that it could cost you other sales in the future, too.

Because feedback is so important to your marketing and reputation, let’s look at the three biggest reasons customers leave bad reviews:

What you sold them wasn’t good enough. This can be tough to accept, but sometimes it’s the truth. If you have several bad reviews saying what you sold wasn’t good enough, it might be time to review your products and services and see where you can improve.

Expectations didn’t meet reality. Sometimes, the problem isn’t with what you had to offer, but with what customers thought you had to offer. In this case, being more descriptive about your products and services (especially concerning how long they last, how they should be used, and what the final cost will be) can go a long way toward cutting down on bad reviews.

They were a bad fit for what you offer. Sometimes a product or service is great, and it’s delivered exactly as it was described, but a buyer can still be unhappy because it’s a bad fit for them. You can’t always eliminate this issue completely, but what you can do is tailor your marketing toward a certain kind of person – one who’s likely to love what you offer and become a customer for life.

If you stay in business long enough, you’re bound to get some negative reviews here and there. By understanding why buyers leave them, however, you can avoid most of them and develop the kind of online reputation that helps your company grow.

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