Business Differentiation – Is Your Business Different?

What makes your business different?
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What Makes Your Business Different?

See if you can answer this question without thinking: What is it that makes your business different or unique from all the others like it?

Successful business owners can almost always answer this in an instant. They know, from years of customer interactions, that they do something better than the competition. Whether it’s lower prices, better product knowledge, five-star service, or something else, they have a competitive strength that’s hard to imitate or duplicate.

What a lot of these businesses don’t have, however, is a website that emphasizes those strengths. Is yours one of them?

It’s surprisingly easy to follow the crowd and make your web presence look like everyone else’s, when in reality your business is better in some important way. With that in mind, here are a few things you should definitely show off online:

Your company’s strengths. You have something that your competitors don’t. Make sure visitors can easily see why they should do business with you in an instant. Pay particular attention to things like exclusive products, special pricing, a knowledgeable staff, or lots of locations.

Your marketing personality. This really comes down to branding. If your business is more fun, or a little bit offbeat, that’s a great thing to share with buyers who might appreciate a break from the normal marketing messages they are used to.

Any differences in pricing, policies, or shipping times. If people can save time, spend less, or feel more secure by doing business with you, don’t keep it a secret. These are important differences that need to be spelled out in a way that’s easy for prospects and customers to understand.

Great online marketing isn’t about doing what everyone else is trying to do – it’s about showing customers why they should work with you. For that to happen, you have to be proud of what makes your company special and willing to show it off on your website.

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