3 Ways Too Much SEO Hurts Your Website

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Old-fashioned wisdom says that too much of anything will kill you, but that advice seems to be often forgotten or ignored when it comes to search engine optimization. Day after day, my team and I see business websites with keywords that are literally repeated again and again to the point of ridiculousness.

The most unfortunate part about this is that the companies in question aren’t doing themselves any favors. Putting too strong an emphasis on search engine optimization (and especially search keywords) hurts your website in three important ways:

1.   Too much SEO garbles your message. When was the last time you visited a web page and found yourself thankful to read the same phrase dozens of different times? Your customers don’t like it, either. When the writing on your website feels forced, your marketing message isn’t nearly as strong as it could or should be. In extreme cases, your pages might not even be understandable to actual buyers.


2.  Google doesn’t approve of your keyword overdose. In recent years, Google has taken strong steps to minimize the visibility of websites that seem over-optimized. It’s gotten to the point that a high keyword density (Google-speak for having too many keywords) could actually get your pages blacklisted, meaning you won’t get any search visitors at all if you appear to be trying too hard.


3.  Over-optimizing your site kills conversions. Even in cases where lots of SEO can get you visitors, they aren’t likely to help your bottom line. The real goal of search engine optimization is always to win customers, not visitors, so put marketing effectiveness before keyword visibility.


There are a lot of great things you can do to promote your website and attract customers online – unfortunately, stuffing your pages with keywords isn’t one of them.


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