Is SEO Dead?

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When people search for something on Google, they want to get back search results that are relevant and meaningful to them. They want truthful, authoritative content. They do not want to find a site that has little to do with their search query, but that has managed to rank highly for a keyword based on a bunch of search engine optimization (SEO) tricks.

Google knows this, and has been looking for ways to minimize the impact of SEO on its search engine rankings for years. That is why webmasters are constantly dealing with Google algorithm updates that can push them off the first page. It is then up to webmasters to figure out a way to get back there. Most of them continue to use SEO to do this, just SEO that has been tweaked to be friendly to whatever new update Google has made.

In order to combat sites using SEO to climb their way up to the top of the search engine results for certain keywords, Google quit letting people have access to data about keyword popularity. This is a new development, as Google just cut off this access last year. Many webmasters who had relied upon this data to know what keywords would pull in the most visitors to their websites were unhappy about the change. It penalized unscrupulous users of SEO, but it also penalized people who were genuinely trying to make good, relevant, and authoritative websites people would enjoy.

Google has made it clear with its many algorithm changes and updates that the days of getting a site to rank highly with keyword stuffing and lots of irrelevant backlinks are long gone. The search engine giant has said that sites need to have quality content, no duplicate content, a domain name that’s been around for a while, and a good sitemap in order to rank well. Still, the system isn’t perfect, and sometimes sites using old SEO techniques still manage to slip through the cracks and rank highly.

Google does have a good reason for wanting to put an end to old SEO site ranking techniques. It devalues the user experience on Google, makes users question Google’s usefulness as a search engine, and takes away income from paid Google Ads. As Google cracks down more on SEO, it is going to become harder to get a site ranked on SEO alone. Eventually, it won’t be able to be done anymore, and the hundreds, perhaps thousands of SEO companies out there will have to close up shop or find a new business model.

Of course, some precepts of SEO can and should be maintained, because they contribute to a quality site. Things like having lots of good, well-written and well-organized content, and a well-organized site that is easy to navigate will continue to be important to ranking a site highly on Google. Other SEO tricks will simply not work anymore. They can’t, because Google is always one step ahead of webmasters looking to game its system.

While SEO companies may still be selling their services using the old SEO model, it is nothing more than virtual snake oil these days. People will still buy it, but it won’t really do anything. If you want your site to rank highly on Google, you’re going to have to look to other methods than mystical SEO magic bullets that are suppose to help you rank! We can help you with this by building a responsive website that gives Google what it craves for all  users.  We can build you a website that is optimized and content rich and then you can watch over time how much Google will appreciates that.


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