Domain Name Registration History…don’t buy a dud!

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A domain name registration history search is your best friend when it comes to purchasing a domain name and should be your first step. The reason that this is important, especially in today’s domain world  is because it may have been an abused domain and if that’s the case…well “Nobody Got Time For That” right?

Unlike the early internet days, many domain names today have been owned by somebody in the past and what they’ve done with them is something you need to know. Preferably BEFORE you own it!

It’s not easy  to score a really great domain name without spending some time in a frustrating “search and find” and if you do score right off with a really great domain,  then go by the “too good to be true” adage and ask yourself if there could be a reason why.  So, as we ponder this subject it really comes down to this question: “How do we know when a domain name is a good domain name to purchase?”  Well the answer to that might just be easier than you might think!

Here are three things that I personally do to determine whether a domain name is something I may want or not:

  1. Search for the domain name and it’s extension in Google to find out the reputation of the domain name. You should also search on the domain name  using site:domainname.com. If you don’t see any results it could be that it’s never been registered before BUT more likely it could be a sign of a banned domain name. Obviously, if the domain name is something really unique like YourEntireNameLovesAnotherEntireName.com, it’s nothing to worry about but if not, you should check to see if it’s banned from Google.
  2. My next stop is to figure out some information on the domain like  how many times it’s been registered in the past or how many times it’s changed servers and other “things that make you go hmmmm” items. You can find that information by checking the domains server and activity history.
  3. I love me some web archives! Did you know that there is a place you can see all the past archives of a domain? Go to  Archive.org and check out what has been on the domains websites in the past.  See anything spammy going on there? You know, I use this tool for more than just this. It’s also a great way to learn about a new clients past websites so you can determine things they have liked in the past.

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